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Video Primer: Does Canada have a housing bubble?

My brother has finished his second video using information contained in the primers on this site.  This one explores whether or not the Canadian housing market on aggregate is supported by measures of fundamental value.  While some of the data … Continue reading

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Housing and the future of Canada’s economy

Why are you here? This is far from a philosophical question.  This lowly blog is not yet three months old, yet readership continues to grow at a rate that has me pleasantly surprised.  This site now frequently receives 2500 daily … Continue reading

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Canadian home prices should be ringing alarms

Yet more evidence that the presence of a significant housing bubble in Canada is blatantly obvious to every economist on the planet BUT those whose livelihoods depend on its continued existence. Dean Baker of the Centre for Economic and Policy … Continue reading

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CNN article- “Canada’s coming housing bust; MSM still swallowing CREA’s spin; Swallowing the tough medicine

I came across a couple of articles worth mentioning: From CNN-Canada’s coming housing bust “A decelerating economy at home means the labor market (currently running at just under 8% unemployment) will probably soften further. Canadian household debt continues to rise … Continue reading

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Lessons from the now toothless Celtic Tiger

Quick side note: As I noted yesterday, “If jitters persist in Euro-land, expect a strengthening greenback to take some substantial steam out of the rapidly rising commodity markets.” Today, the USD surged as capital fled both the EU and commodities.  … Continue reading

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Rate of US home price decline parallels Great Depression

We found out earlier today that the trade deficit in Canada rose significantly in September, largely on the back of meager demand south of the border. US home price declines accelerate…approach Great Depression levels According to a research report released … Continue reading

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Housing starts down…but at least debt’s not an issue

Lots of good info out today. Housing starts decline If you haven’t yet read the primer on the importance that real estate plays to the health of the broader economy, you need to.  Let me remind you of the experience … Continue reading

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A quick tour through the board stats- October 2010

By now many of the big real estate boards have reported their October numbers.  Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Montreal being the notable exceptions as well as the national board, CREA.  Let’s take a quick tour across the country from west to … Continue reading

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Suggested reading

Yesterday I mentioned that my view on the sustainability of our debt-based economy in general, and real estate in particular has largely been shaped by a handful of books.  I’ve received quite a few emails asking me for the titles … Continue reading

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There was a great article that ran on msn.ca today.  We’ll discuss it in a moment.  Before we do, let’s be reminded that one of the important drivers of any correction is a change in investor psychology.  As I’ve said … Continue reading

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