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New Video Primer- CMHC

The 4th primer on the role of CMHC in inflating Canadian house prices has now been turned into a video.  Enjoy.

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Toronto condo data; China about to hit a wall?; Fiscal austerity to weigh on public sector jobs; The Age of Deleveraging; Another video primer

Toronto condo data The Toronto Real Estate Board released their most recent rental market report yesterday.  It showed both a substantial jump in rental transactions and a jump in rental inventory. “From September until the end of 2010, TREB Members … Continue reading

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Video Primer: Does Canada have a housing bubble?

My brother has finished his second video using information contained in the primers on this site.  This one explores whether or not the Canadian housing market on aggregate is supported by measures of fundamental value.  While some of the data … Continue reading

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Interview with Ignatieff

If you have not already done so, do check out my brother’s video version of the first primer.  The second primer on the Canadian housing bubble should be done shortly.  I should be a doozy! Last year my brother had … Continue reading

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The Debt Collector

My younger, angrier brother Ethan has started a youtube channel where he is documenting some of the concepts discussed on this lowly blog.  For his first video he tackled primer #1 about deflation.  It’s very well done overall. Enjoy!  

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