Interview with Ignatieff

If you have not already done so, do check out my brother’s video version of the first primer.  The second primer on the Canadian housing bubble should be done shortly.  I should be a doozy!

Last year my brother had the opportunity to interview Michael Ignatieff.  It’s now posted on our youtube channel as a two-part interview.  In the second part, Ethan asks some excellent questions related to the housing bubble and consumer debt levels:

“So much of our GDP growth has been linked to the housing sector.  Does talk of a housing bubble by certain economists concern you at all?”

“One of my biggest concerns is the level of household debt….currently 141% of disposable income…I would argue that this is the biggest threat to any long-term recovery.  How would an Ignatieff government deal with this?”

Iggy’s responses are interesting.  Enjoy!



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