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Capital Economics report suggests that rising interest rates could trigger housing collapse

Rate hikes could trigger Canadian housing collapse At least that’s the conclusion of a new report from Capital Economics who have calculated that home prices could fall 25-35% as the overnight interest rate from the Bank of Canada rises from … Continue reading

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Asset bubbles according to Jeremy Grantham: Applications to the Canadian real estate market

Intro Jeremy Grantham is a living stock market legend.  He is a deep value investor who has brought new concepts to the world of stock market investing.  He championed the ‘small cap value’ approach and has a stellar track record.  … Continue reading

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Canada’s Mortgage Hazard

The ‘must-read article of the day’ award goes to this gem in the Financial Post: Canada’s Mortgage Hazard by Neil Mohindra, director of the Centre for Financial Policy Studies at the Fraser Institute. Key quotes: “If the Canadian government sees … Continue reading

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Nicole Foss on Canadian real estate: “We are in a massive bubble”

Nicole Foss, author of The Automatic Earth made an appearance on the Keiser Report.  I am a faithful reader of her site as it provides an interesting dialogue about credit creation and destruction.  She has written some interesting pieces about … Continue reading

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Video Primer: Does Canada have a housing bubble?

My brother has finished his second video using information contained in the primers on this site.  This one explores whether or not the Canadian housing market on aggregate is supported by measures of fundamental value.  While some of the data … Continue reading

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Canadian home prices should be ringing alarms

Yet more evidence that the presence of a significant housing bubble in Canada is blatantly obvious to every economist on the planet BUT those whose livelihoods depend on its continued existence. Dean Baker of the Centre for Economic and Policy … Continue reading

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