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Should everyone rent? When does it make sense to buy? A closer look at the price/rent ratio…

These are great questions.  I receive a couple emails each week from people looking for advice on this topic.  Some are potential first time buyers, but many are existing home owners.  My advice to those people may surprise my readers … Continue reading

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Video Primer: Does Canada have a housing bubble?

My brother has finished his second video using information contained in the primers on this site.  This one explores whether or not the Canadian housing market on aggregate is supported by measures of fundamental value.  While some of the data … Continue reading

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Primer #2: Is there a housing bubble?

Hello again In our last primer we looked at how money is created and destroyed in our fractional reserve banking system.  We examined the implications of this process on inflation (which buoys asset prices like real estate) and deflation (which … Continue reading

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