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So much for the ‘conservative’ Canadian consumer: Another look at Canada’s credit bubble

The ‘conservative’ Canadian consumer has been often cited as one of the primary reasons for Canada’s miraculous escape from the depths of the Great Recession.  In fact, earlier this week, the deputy governor of the Bank of Canada attributed our … Continue reading

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Value of building permits plunges in November; Bank of Canada talks tough

Building permits plunge I suggested a few days ago that the October and November housing start data were telling vastly different stories.  November building permit data released today suggests that the spike in November housing starts, which were driven almost … Continue reading

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Harper warns of mortgage rule changes; Canada’s economic albatross; Amazing post by Mish

Harper hints at rule changes An interview with Stephen Harper aired on Christmas day on CTV.  The PM discussed a number of topics including the economy, Afghanistan, and US relations.  While discussing the current state of the economy and upcoming … Continue reading

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My Canadian economic forecast: Not particularly rosy

After Canada’s GDP posted a ‘surprisingly’ low 1% annualized growth rate in Q3, with September readings turning negative, economists went back to the drawing board to update their economic forecasts. Yesterday TD released its updated quarterly economic forecast.  It provides … Continue reading

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Banks pressure Ottawa to rein in consumer debt; Peter Mansbridge interviews Ed Clark

Banks calling for prudence Last week BMO and TD bosses vocalized support for tougher mortgage rules in the form of lower amortization and/or higher down payment requirements.  Now it appears that the Conservative government is in some pre-budget consultation meetings … Continue reading

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Bank of Canada sounds alarm bell

Bank of Canada sounds the alarm bell The Bank of Canada released their latest Financial System Review today.  While they speak at length of the risks of European contagion, a weak global economy, low interest rates, and global imbalances, it … Continue reading

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Interview with Ignatieff

If you have not already done so, do check out my brother’s video version of the first primer.  The second primer on the Canadian housing bubble should be done shortly.  I should be a doozy! Last year my brother had … Continue reading

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