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Is a Canadian first time home buyer’s strike in the works?

RBC releases first time home buyer survey As Australia wrestles with a housing bubble that dwarfs our own, home buyers in Australia have wisely clued in to the dangers of buying at such inflated prices and have been busy organizing a … Continue reading

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Another look at mass psychology, asset bubbles, and the Canadian real estate market

Understanding the driver of asset bubbles Perhaps the greatest distinction between those economists who have correctly identified asset bubbles in the past and those whose economic models failed to identify them is the ability of the former group to recognize … Continue reading

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CMHC feeling the heat

CMHC feeling the heat If you’ve read this blog for any time now, you’ll know my position on CMHC policies:  They are inherently self-defeating and act as the enabler to Canada’s housing addiction.  Most concerning, CMHC guarantees over half a … Continue reading

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Reckoning day for the mortgage market?; More on the price/rent ratio

Reckoning day for the mortgage market? Today’s the day that the axe falls on the 35 year amortization mortgage.  As of today, being approved for a mortgage gets just a little tougher.  In addition, the amount of home equity that … Continue reading

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Employment number misses consensus; US consumers cutting back….will Canadians follow?; Another great CMHC video

Employment misses consensus Stats Canada released their most recent employment numbers today.  The headline stat reported in most media outlets is the 15,000 net new jobs created in February.  However, aside from that stand-alone headline, the report is actually very … Continue reading

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Lessons in mass psychology courtesy of the RBC housing survey….Does it also point to a potential buyer drought later in 2011?

Glimpses into mass psychology RBC released a housing survey yesterday.  It is full of mostly useless information, but there were a few tidbits that jumped out at me. First of all, the survey notes that 90% of Canadians still feel … Continue reading

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New Video Primer- CMHC

The 4th primer on the role of CMHC in inflating Canadian house prices has now been turned into a video.  Enjoy.

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