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CIBC on the housing and the Canadian Consumer; Bank of Canada speech; Other noteworthy news stories

CIBC on housing and the Canadian consumer Just a week after Scotia Economics released a report suggesting that Canadian consumers are “tapped out”, CIBC economics has released an interesting report that contains some similar themes. Some highlights: This suggests that … Continue reading

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More on demographics and the Canadian housing bubble; Rosenberg’s new love affair with Canada

Demographics and the housing bubble In one of the primers, I outlined the issues I see with Canadian demographics and our current housing market.  My position remains that many near-retirees are not adequately prepared for retirement when one looks at … Continue reading

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Canadian home prices should be ringing alarms

Yet more evidence that the presence of a significant housing bubble in Canada is blatantly obvious to every economist on the planet BUT those whose livelihoods depend on its continued existence. Dean Baker of the Centre for Economic and Policy … Continue reading

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Daily round-up and random musings: Thursday, September 16

Hello all The news is going from bad to worse.  It’s interesting to me that those who are confined to the textbook-based, formula-toting, model-loving brand of economics can’t seem to see the forest through the trees.  There is no recovery.  Were … Continue reading

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Can central banks ruin my thesis by stoking inflationary pressures?

I wanted to pass on an email conversation I had with a friend of mine who is a policy analyst in Washington.  He believes that deflation can always be contained or countered with effective monetary policy.  I disagree for the … Continue reading

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