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So much for the ‘conservative’ Canadian consumer: Another look at Canada’s credit bubble

The ‘conservative’ Canadian consumer has been often cited as one of the primary reasons for Canada’s miraculous escape from the depths of the Great Recession.  In fact, earlier this week, the deputy governor of the Bank of Canada attributed our … Continue reading

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Demographia Housing Affordability Survey released

7th annual Demographia Housing Affordability survey released Demographia has released its 7th annual housing affordability survey.  The report examines the housing markets across the English speaking world by comparing the mean multiple (essentially the house price to income ratio) of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Bubbles and Blunderbuss

(Note from Ben:  The following is a guest post from ‘John in Ottawa’, a frequent commenter on this site.  I have added a few of my own thoughts at the end of the post) Recently, Canada’s Finance Minister Flaherty announced … Continue reading

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The Great Mortgage Amortization Debate

The Amortization Debate You’ll recall that bank CEOs of all people are now putting pressure on Flaherty and Harper to curb debt levels by, among other things, raising down payment requirements and/or shortening maximum mortgage amortization lengths. With mortgages representing … Continue reading

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Canada’s credit bubble

Stats Canada has released some updated data tables for consumer and mortgage credit.  Let’s have some fun and look at the growth in credit vs. the growth in income and inflation over the same period. Total inflation growth according to … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

Let’s get something on the table once and for all:  Are we facing an American-style housing meltdown? We are likely NOT! Any rational person who has objectively looked at some of the lending antics that went on during the American … Continue reading

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Suggested reading

Yesterday I mentioned that my view on the sustainability of our debt-based economy in general, and real estate in particular has largely been shaped by a handful of books.  I’ve received quite a few emails asking me for the titles … Continue reading

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We’re different!

I was unable to find the time to write up a post yesterday, despite some interesting data points worth discussing.  Luckily, others in the blogosphere were on the ball, so I’m not going to discuss topics that have been well … Continue reading

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Primer #6: The Great Connection…

One of the big goals of this blog is to examine the relationship between Canadian house prices, consumer spending, employment, and the Canadian economy in general.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all now, you’ll know … Continue reading

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Late Daily round-up for Monday, September 13, 2010

The content of this blog continues to go mainstream.  We had a couple of survey results released yesterday, the content of which supports what has been said on this wretched blog.  My brother used to post some of my email … Continue reading

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