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The United States’ largest export: Inflation

Note from Ben:  The following post is courtesy of John in Ottawa A couple of days ago, Jesse made the comment that China has been exporting deflation to Canada for years.  That’s absolutely correct and life has been easier ever … Continue reading

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Inflation, Hyperinflation, Deflation, Stagflation, Screwflation……what’s in store for Canada?

Gazing into the crystal ball… There is still a great deal of debate about what Canada’s future monetary landscape will look like.  It’s should be a topic of interest for everyone as it absolutely determines which asset classes will outperform … Continue reading

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Tough decisions for Canada; Shilling sees deflation in US

Tough decisions for Canada Could it be that our Progressive Conservatives are actually returning to their roots?  After running the largest peace-time deficit in history, the Harper government is now actively trying to prepare Canadians for the difficult fiscal times … Continue reading

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Today’s headlines

US core CPI lowest in 50 years The link is to a TD economics report analyzing today’s surprisingly low consumer price index (CPI) reading out of the US.  The CPI is widely viewed as a benchmark to measure inflation.  Of … Continue reading

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Commodities spanked; USD strengthens; Deflation in core producer prices

Commodities taking a bath! Things are starting to make a bit more sense again.  Last week I said the following: ” I have repeatedly stated that the US will NOT be the first domino to fall.  It should be very … Continue reading

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More about gold and silver

The post about asset allocation from a few days ago has generated a great deal of feedback and questions.  I will answer each question personally, but I think there may well be some others with similar questions who perhaps didn’t … Continue reading

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Scotia Bank’s rose coloured glasses

Scotia Bank released a report today with a downright rosy appraisal of our current economic situation here in Canada.  Two points I want you to see: 1)  They are examining the exact same data I present to you every day, … Continue reading

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Suggested reading

Yesterday I mentioned that my view on the sustainability of our debt-based economy in general, and real estate in particular has largely been shaped by a handful of books.  I’ve received quite a few emails asking me for the titles … Continue reading

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Dead wrong!

It sounds like October was another month of drying sales and rising listings in all major centres.  Yet from preliminary info it sounds like a few cities once again experienced rising prices, most notably Vancouver.  The devil is always in … Continue reading

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On credit, deflation, housing, and recovery…

I had a nice discussion with a good friend of mine the other day.  She knows my interest in economics and finance, and the discussion wound up making its way back to my main love, the future of the real … Continue reading

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