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Revisiting predictions: Commodities still hanging tough, public sector unions under fire, European debt crisis intensifies, interest rate predictions

Revisiting predictions Now two full months into the new year, it’s worth stopping for a moment and taking stock of how things are shaping up.  You’ll recall that I made some predictions for 2011 back at the beginning of January.  … Continue reading

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More about gold and silver

The post about asset allocation from a few days ago has generated a great deal of feedback and questions.  I will answer each question personally, but I think there may well be some others with similar questions who perhaps didn’t … Continue reading

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Crazy days and what to do about them

What in the world was that? Stocks, gold/silver, and bonds all rally in unison, with the precious metals as the clear winner on the day.  Gold finished the North American trading day up almost $55 in what I believe is … Continue reading

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Deflation, gold, and other musings

Gold hits an all time high while stocks and bonds rally in unison.  Market watchers will know that the gold market, the stock markets, and the bond markets all tell different stories.  You cannot have them all rise in unison; … Continue reading

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Mini post: Will a hyperinflationary event in the US trigger hyperinflation here in Canada?

Hello all This will be just a quick post.  The usual inflation vs deflation debate focuses on the United States.  The general argument for the hyperinflationists is that at some point investors will lose faith in the ability of the … Continue reading

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Daily Round-up: Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello again Not as much to talk about today.  Perhaps the most significant news of the day was the word that Canada’s unemployment rate went up to 8.1%, despite actually adding jobs.  The story at the Globe is aptly titled, … Continue reading

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