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Stocks sell off as S&P cuts US outlook; Does a drop in foreign demand for Canadian bonds signal rising fixed interest rates?; Greek restructuring would be “catastrophic”

Stocks sell off as S&P cuts US outlook Big news of the day is the downgrade in the US outlook by rating giant Standard and Poor’s.  There can’t possibly be too many analysts who don’t see storm clouds on the … Continue reading

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China’s property bubble at risk?; What is driving oil prices?; Greek bond yields explode as Germany states support for restructuring

Hat tip to the fine folks over at MacroBusiness Australia for these links… China property bubble at risk? Moody’s Investor Services downgraded China’s property sector to negative from stable citing deteriorating credit conditions over the next 12-18 months. This comes … Continue reading

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Eurozone coming apart at the seams; Spain and Portugal deny need for bailout…..spreads indicate otherwise

Another day, another rise in PIIGS spreads.  A spread is just the difference in bond yield between one country’s bonds and a ‘benchmark’ country’s bonds.  In Europe, the benchmark is the German Bund, considered the most solid bond in the … Continue reading

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