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Another look at mass psychology, asset bubbles, and the Canadian real estate market

Understanding the driver of asset bubbles Perhaps the greatest distinction between those economists who have correctly identified asset bubbles in the past and those whose economic models failed to identify them is the ability of the former group to recognize … Continue reading

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Food inflation in China skyrockets; Retailer margin squeeze coming; More thoughts on stock picking

Food inflation in China skyrockets Chinese inflation numbers are set to be released tomorrow, with the market expecting a sub-5% reading….lower than anticipated earlier in the year. Despite this, inflation in China is rumored to be running at a double-digit … Continue reading

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Toronto Condos….let the rental glut begin!

I’ve written about the Toronto condo market several times already.  I’ve warned condo investors to get out while the gettin’s good.  I’ve warned that immigration alone and the Hot Asian Money story are not enough to sustain a market that … Continue reading

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Asset bubbles according to Jeremy Grantham: Applications to the Canadian real estate market

Intro Jeremy Grantham is a living stock market legend.  He is a deep value investor who has brought new concepts to the world of stock market investing.  He championed the ‘small cap value’ approach and has a stellar track record.  … Continue reading

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Bob Farrell’s 10 rules for investing…applied to real estate

It’s worth remembering that when it comes to getting perspective on current events, humans have several major flaws.  For starters, we have an uncanny ability to project our current reality into the indefinite future.  In a related manner, we tend … Continue reading

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More on demographics and the Canadian housing bubble; Rosenberg’s new love affair with Canada

Demographics and the housing bubble In one of the primers, I outlined the issues I see with Canadian demographics and our current housing market.  My position remains that many near-retirees are not adequately prepared for retirement when one looks at … Continue reading

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Building a winning portfolio: Part 2

In part 1 of this mini series, we looked at how to build the two portfolios every household needs:  an emergency fund and a retirement fund. Today we’ll look at how to build a ‘vulture’ fund for those interested in … Continue reading

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Note to Toronto condo investors: Get out while the getting’s good

I’ve stuck my neck out and predicted that once Canada’s credit bubble bursts, it will wreak havoc on the national real estate market.  I believe that we are in a national housing bubble.  Though not as extreme as the bubble … Continue reading

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Inflation, Hyperinflation, Deflation, Stagflation, Screwflation……what’s in store for Canada?

Gazing into the crystal ball… There is still a great deal of debate about what Canada’s future monetary landscape will look like.  It’s should be a topic of interest for everyone as it absolutely determines which asset classes will outperform … Continue reading

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More about gold and silver

The post about asset allocation from a few days ago has generated a great deal of feedback and questions.  I will answer each question personally, but I think there may well be some others with similar questions who perhaps didn’t … Continue reading

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