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Steve Keen discusses debt, housing, and the economy

Steve Keen is a professor at the University of Western Sydney and is the author of several great books on economics.  He also writes the fantastic economics blog, “Debt Deflation“.  If you aren’t familiar with his work, you owe it … Continue reading

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Interesting article in The Economist: ‘Bricks and Slaughter’

I’m just compiling the real estate data from the various boards for the monthly ‘Tour through the board stats’ feature.  Should be done later today. In the meantime, I enjoyed this interesting read courtesy of The Economist: Bricks and Slaughter … Continue reading

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Scotia calculates the risk of sharp housing correction is ‘low’; Gaping holes in their logic

I want to spend a bit more time looking at the Scotia Economics report on Canadian real estate trends released yesterday.  The report can be found here. In particular I want to zone in on page 4 which has as … Continue reading

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Why falling house prices will pull at employment (not the other way around)

Why a housing downturn would hurt employment This is a topic I discuss often on this lowly blog.  It’s a source of confusion for many people as most see employment as buoying house prices, not the other way around.  I … Continue reading

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Primer #7: Housing envy and the ‘Joneses’…How a realignment in consumer expectations will pull at aggregate house prices

“A house may be large or small; as long as the surrounding houses are equally small it satisfies all social demands for a dwelling. But if a palace rises beside the little house, the little house shrinks into a hut.” … Continue reading

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Shiller weighs in once again on Canadian real estate

Robert Shiller, the Yale economist, famed bubble expert, and co-creator of the Case-Shiller house price index in the US has once again added his thoughts to the Canadians housing miracle: Canada is ‘a purely random success story’: Shiller On the … Continue reading

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Note to Toronto condo investors: Get out while the getting’s good

I’ve stuck my neck out and predicted that once Canada’s credit bubble bursts, it will wreak havoc on the national real estate market.  I believe that we are in a national housing bubble.  Though not as extreme as the bubble … Continue reading

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