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Bank of Canada holds the line; Royal LePage releases ‘research report’; “Canadian 30 year olds are screwed!”

Bank of Canada holds the line Those with variable rate mortgages can breathe a sigh of relief as the Bank of Canada held the line on interest rates today, as expected, keeping the overnight rate at a paltry 1%. Despite … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Social Issues Surface as Europe Considers Fiscal Austerity to Solve Debt Crisis

Note from Ben:  I typically receive about one guest post submission via email each week.  For a variety of reasons, the majority end up not being posted.  None of those reasons include me disagreeing with the author’s perspective.  This guest … Continue reading

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Deflation, austerity, and housing blues in the US; Risks to Canada’s growth from the IMF

Deflation in the US The January 2011 edition of the Bank Credit Analyst has been released (hat tip to DR for the head’s up).  For copyright reasons I can’t link to it, but I will post a few interesting quotes.  … Continue reading

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“The challenges we face have only just begun”

Reality bites! The sobering reality of our economic situation has bitten Mark Carney like an angry terrier.  Just a few months after raising interest rates while citing an improving economy, Carney has been on a media whirlwind tour discussing the … Continue reading

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Tough decisions for Canada; Shilling sees deflation in US

Tough decisions for Canada Could it be that our Progressive Conservatives are actually returning to their roots?  After running the largest peace-time deficit in history, the Harper government is now actively trying to prepare Canadians for the difficult fiscal times … Continue reading

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A few interesting articles for your reading pleasure

Let’s start with the laughable: Actor’s money tip: Buy, don’t rent! “Actor and writer Terry Chen performed in films including The A-Team, I, Robot and Almost Famous. Chen, 35, was born in Edmonton and splits his time between Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Crazy days and what to do about them

What in the world was that? Stocks, gold/silver, and bonds all rally in unison, with the precious metals as the clear winner on the day.  Gold finished the North American trading day up almost $55 in what I believe is … Continue reading

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Weekend Round-up: Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello all Not too much on the data front this weekend, though there were a couple of articles worth discussing.  Let’s start with this piece from the Financial Post titled: Equity rally suggests double-dip unlikely.  I’m afraid the ‘analysis’ is … Continue reading

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Daily round-up: Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello all Here’s a quick recap of the day’s must-read articles: The big news of the day is the rate announcement by the Bank of Canada, which raised its overnight lending rate another 0.25% to 1%.  This will impact those … Continue reading

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