David Madani on CBC’s “The Lang and O’Leary exchange”

You may recall that David Madani from Capital Economics released two reports earlier this year which were exactly in line with the preditions on this blog.  In the first report, he outlined his concerns about the Canadian real estate market, focusing on the same measures of fundamental value often discussed here. 

In the second report, he discussed the implications on a housing market correction to the broader Canadian economy, another topic of much discussion here.

Yesterday, Madani was on The Lang and O’Leary exchange to discuss these very topics.  Here’s the video.  The Madani clip starts at 52:00


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10 Responses to David Madani on CBC’s “The Lang and O’Leary exchange”

  1. James says:

    Buy Put options on the CDN Banks

  2. matt says:

    I wish Madani had a better answer to O’Leary’s sublimely prescient question at the end of the segment: What do I invest in if this report is true? Is Madani saying we’re heading towards the second dip in the Great Recession?

    Can a regular shmoe like me somehow short the housing market?

  3. Maurice says:

    The National Post this weekend ran a story on Canadian income for taxation year 2009. The author studied data from tax returns for 2009 finding that “nearly 75% of tax-filing Canadians earned under $50,000 in total income in 2009.” Only 0.7% of tax-filers had income >$250k.

    It’s a high-level summary but perhaps serves as an indicator of the degree of leverage and debt/disposable income Ben’s covered on this blog. It causes one to consider the wealth effect created by the recent run-up in RE prices in Vancouver and elsewhere.


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