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Bubble in China means Canada at risk; The economic headwinds in pictures

Bubblicious in China I’ve said before that there are really only two global property bubbles that eclipse ours:  The Australian bubble and the Chinese bubble.  In a strange way, our economy and that of Australia are directly dependent on the … Continue reading

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Active vs. Passive management: Part 1

Over the next few days I’m going to post about some basic fundamentals of investing and financial planning. Today I’m going to briefly discuss the active management vs. passive management debate.  It’s an interesting debate that has significant implications for … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The unintended consequences of ZIRP

Note from Ben: This entry is actually a re-post (with permission of the author) from an entry over at Vancouver Condo Info.  I have repeatedly warned of unintended consequences of excess government intervention in capital markets.  The Zero Interest Rate … Continue reading

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Chinese investors in Vancouver: Is the HAM story more than just hogwash?

The Hot Asian Money (HAM) story just won’t go away.  I’ve already addressed this issue twice in prior posts.  But it’s like a bad fart….it just seems to linger. As I have said before, I don’t disagree that there are … Continue reading

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