Open call for guest posts

This blog has been alive now for about 2 and a half months.  I’ve often invited guest posts from my readers, but have never been taken up on that invitation.  It’s very obvious from the comments on this site that we have some very knowledgeable readers.  I’d like to once again extend the invitation for guest posts, regardless of whether they support or refute the main macro outlooks of this blog.

I’ll reiterate what the main theme of this blog is for those who may be new:

Canadian macroeconomics

Real estate in Canada

Social trends that will support/inhibit growth

Investing advice (preferably not specific stocks.  Let’s a bigger picture.  I won’t post any guest post that hypes a thinly traded small cap stock.)




Central bank/government policies

Anything else that may be of interest to Canadian investors


If you have something to say about any of these topics, particularly if you disagree with my analysis, please refute it.  I enjoy that open dialogue.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, email it to me at




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3 Responses to Open call for guest posts

  1. breezer1 says:

    ben, i’m on your mailing list and your work is great stuff. 2 and a half mos is not a long time . i’ll continue to forward your link . keep up the good job. thanks, breezer1.

  2. Get Real says:

    You provide a valuable, insightful service and advice. I look up your posts from time to time.

    I am a Canadian physician and have lived in Europe, US and in Canada. Agree that the Vancouver RE is absolutely delirious and all the fundamentals point the other way. Poor economic fundamentals, poor infrastructure (driving around in lower mainland is an absolute nightmare, much more than bigger cities like Seattle, or even Toronto) and rising taxes. Life is much more than just mountains and oceans.

    I would rather buy property elsewhere and rent in Vancouver

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