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The Debt Collector

My younger, angrier brother Ethan has started a youtube channel where he is documenting some of the concepts discussed on this lowly blog.  For his first video he tackled primer #1 about deflation.  It’s very well done overall. Enjoy!  

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CNN article- “Canada’s coming housing bust; MSM still swallowing CREA’s spin; Swallowing the tough medicine

I came across a couple of articles worth mentioning: From CNN-Canada’s coming housing bust “A decelerating economy at home means the labor market (currently running at just under 8% unemployment) will probably soften further. Canadian household debt continues to rise … Continue reading

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Lessons from the now toothless Celtic Tiger

Quick side note: As I noted yesterday, “If jitters persist in Euro-land, expect a strengthening greenback to take some substantial steam out of the rapidly rising commodity markets.” Today, the USD surged as capital fled both the EU and commodities.  … Continue reading

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